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PG bhat is one of the founder member of Smart Vote.He retired from the Indian Navy in 1996 after serving as a technical officer for 21 years.

Then he worked as a Senior Manager at HCL Perot Systems, VP at Object Orb Technologies and as founding Managing Director of Parity Computing India. He currently the President of Pluma Knowledge Solutions (P) Ltd.

He have taught technical and behavioral subjects in about 40 software companies and several reputed educational institutes. He is a visiting faculty at National College, Bangalore, and Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore. He speaks on technical and complementary subjects in seminars and workshops. He is an adviser to a few rural and urban schools on teaching methods and general management. His work on corrrecting mistakes/bugs in Karnataka voterlists attarcted attention of election commisoner of india.
PG bhat
Founder Member

Amar Krishnamurthy


Sushma Kedlaya

Amar Krishnamurthy, post his master’s degree from U.S.A. in manufacturing systems and about a year of work experience implementing ERP systems, he decided to come back to india to start his own business. In 1998 he worked on publishing bangalore acuurate geographical map.from 2000 to 2002 he worked as operation director in “Indomarks Pvt Ltd” . in 2002 he entered the entrepreneurial arena with Town Essentials, as a systematic grocer for the B2B segment, and now for B2C as well. In 2008 he joined few of his friends to start a voter awarness campaign in bangalore called "smartvote". Since then he is actively involved with smartvote.His concept of "showtheink" campaign before 2014 general election was biggest hit in 35 cities cross India.

Sunitha Kondur


G.S. Amaresh

Sunitha Kondur, is a MIT graduate and architect by profession. In 2009 she returned from USA & joined Smart Vote co-founders Prithvi Reddy and Amar Krishnamurthy in their social activism,following a meeting with the duo at Cubbon Park. As the torch-bearer of Smart Votes,Sunitha went all out to mobilize volunteers and start what they call a “blockvoting campaign”.Soon the campaign gained momentum in Koramangala.There were 10 resident welfare associations who received the concept very well and came forward to clean the electoral rolls and ensure their right to vote. From fuelling a city-wide campaign to clean electoral rolls,enlisting new voters and guiding them through the EPIC process.

Sunitha has worked relentlessly for a larger democratic cause.In different roles. Between household chores,office work and her social commitments,Sunitha manages to squeeze in an hour of workout.Together with her husband Bijoy Ramachandran,also a post-graduate from MIT,she runs Hundred Hands,an architecture firm.The couple has a 12-year-old daughter,Anjali,and a seven-yearold son,Siddharth. Sunitha and her husband lived in Boston and New York for four years before they moved to Bangalore.Ask her how she manages to juggle all these,she laughs: As they say,if you want to do something,you have to find time for it.Sunitha was steering the Show the Ink project in partnership with Young India,another not-for-profit organization.

Nitin Jagtap


Aloke Shirolkar

Nitin Jagtap, is a former IT professional and now following his passion in various ways by getting involved in Smartvote, rural education  and closely following the political landscape in India.  A voracious reader on various topics from science to business to politics, Nitin believes that a mans best soul mate  are the books he keeps.Nitin has been associated with Smartvote since 2012 in many of its campaigns across corporates and colleges in Bengaluru

Manas Kumar Mahapatra


Munusamy Shankarrao

Manas Kumar, a software engineer by profession having passion to change democratic system of the current Indian politics joined smartvote in 2012.Since then he is taking care of smartvote as campaign manager .He played major role in corporate campaign along with BPAC(Bangalore political action committee ) before 2013 karantaka assembly election & 2014 general election. His ambition is to take this campaign across india.

Sujeet Sahu


Gabriel Espelleta Gil

Sujeet Sahu a software engineer by profession joined smartvote in 2012.He was the man behind many successful corporate campaigns & RWA campaigns of smartvote in Bangalore. His hardwork & patience appreciated by citizens & govt officials many times. He is currently taking care of citizen interactions & smartvote expansion work.

Other Team Members


Partha Sarathy  Mohapatra, Arindam Das, Shezan Bhojani, Gita Ramanan, Abhranshu Bagchee, Sunit Prasad, Denny george, Praneeth Upadhaya, Ravi Chandran, SA Thakur Bhargav, sanjay Khandelwal




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