• Voter Registration.
  • Televised debates.
  • Candidate profiling.
  • Informed choice through online & media.


  • Ward based campaign in last Corporation elections.
  • Set up call centers to help citizen in finding polling booth.


  • Smartvote campaign 2013 consisted of 4 verticals.
  • Quality of Voter rolls – Smartvote actively intervened in imrpoving quality of voter lists through software . Smartvote along with Loksatta and some citizens groups filed a PIL - 13 lakh voters who were wrongly deleted were re-instated as per Karanataka High Court Directives.
  • Voter registration – Over 10 lakh new voters were added to the voter lists .Smartvote helped submit over 30,000 of these forms.Voter lists which had 60 lakh regsitered voters went upto 70 lakh+ voters.
  • Bring out the Vote – Through BPAC , CEO Karnataka campaigns were conducted online as well as on the ground to create awareness amongst people to vote .A walk for Bangalore was held to promote the campaign .We had wide media support including national television. This resulted in an increased voter turnout last few elections turnoiut was 45% of 60 lakhs – 27 lakh voters , this elections turnout was 58% of 70 lakh which is 40 lakh voters . This in real terms is about 50% increase in number of people who voted.
  • Informed Choice – Through online efforts , analysis of ADR – Candidate affadavit ifnormation was made public , this initiative though limited would ahev helped people make an infoirmed choice.
  • Overall the above efforts could have been a factor in improving overall quality of the vote and complete rejection of previous government , wherein corruption , mal-governance and collapse of administration were big problems.

2013 Assembly Elections(Phase-1)

  • Voter Registration in corporate companies, Residential society & colleges.
  • Biocon,HP,Bosch,Infosys,LSI,Siemens etc.
  • 30 RWAs were part of the drive.
  • Engineering & MBA colleges took part in the campaign.
  • Registered more than 10k directly & many more indirectly(through email & phone).
  • Eminent People like Kiran Mazumdar,M Pai, Santosh Hegde & Charu Sarma supported the campaign with Video messages.

2013 Assembly Elections(Phase-2)

  • Voter Registration in corporate companies, RWAs & colleges.
  • Wipro,infosys,HP,IBM,Igate,Mind tree,Satyam,LG,Aricent,HCL,Citrix,Cisco,Collabera,Vmware,Tesco,Britania,Broadcom,SAP lab,Broadcom,Mistral,Alcatel Lucent and many more took part in the campaign.
  • Set up voter registration desk & panel discussion in residential apartments, software parks & colleges.
  • Registered more than 30k directly & many more indirectly(through email & phone).
  • Worked with Bangalore political action committee to spread awareness about the campaign.

2014 General Election

  • Voter Registration in corporate companies, RWAs & colleges in Bangalore.
  • One million voter registration competition started among 30 colleges in Bangalore.
  • Corprate campaigns like IBM,infosys,Tesco,Brittania,,Mistral solution,Manipal group,Team Lease,Colt,Altisource.
  • Rwa campaigns also started in more than 10 apartment societies.
  • To increase voter turnout started campaign “Show The Ink” with “Young Indians”.
  • Nearly 400 brands participated in this campaign across 35 cities in india where brands gave discounts to voter from 5% to 50% after voting on the day of elections.

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